Be A Maker

Idealize, Create, Cultivate, Curate, & Provide It For The World


Customs Gone Coloful

An Original Coloway experience, captivating experiences through life, throught travel, through influnce. Brung to you in the form of custom sneakrs

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Towel Apparel

Send in your favorite towel to get the ultimate bespoke look !

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The Mission

By Malcolm Garret

I believe life is meant for exploring, so grab your gear, get stylish and get out there. When I started Malcolm Garret Custom Sneakers & Apparel, I made it my mission to provide all customers with everything they need for their next social gathering, product & lifestyle photography shoots.

By Malcolm Garret Custom Sneakers & Apparel is an online gallery offering a wide variety of authentic, quality custom sneakers, apparel, accessories, and product photography.