About The Brand

As the founder of Malcolm Garret, our mission is to bring back individuality through comfortable, high-quality pieces that allow you to be yourself without fear of judgment. We stand by individuality, uniqueness, and humility at all levels of life while ensuring the best quality possible.
From a young age, I had a natural artistic sense and began drawing clothing at just 13 years old. As a teenager, I would take ordinary sweatpants or tops and transform them into unique, personalized pieces. Being different was not just a choice, but a natural expression of my style, thought, and energy. I always made sure to create clothing that was comfortable to my standards and attracted a following of like-minded individuals who valued individuality.
As a natural-born leader, my creativity serves as my backbone and one of my primary purposes in life both as a human and a spirit inhabiting a physical being. While I worked various retail jobs throughout my life, I did not fully understand the connection until I began creating my own merchandise. Unfortunately, my first brand, American Genre, folded due to a lack of knowledge, resources, and willpower.
In 2015-2016, I became sick, and that experience led me to realize that I needed a change in my life. I shifted my mentality and began prioritizing my health, eventually healing with the help of external sources and inner workings. In 2020, I created the slogan "retired from society" and gave birth to the LLC for my brand, Malcolm Garret. With all the resources I needed and a larger network, my confidence in my vision and creativity had surfaced, and I knew it was time to get back into creating merchandise.
At Malcolm Garret, we challenge you to step outside the box and define your style with unique, vibrant pieces. Our brand is designed for the sports enthusiast, sneaker connoisseur, and self-aware, self-loving individuals who value their own unique style and display it with confidence. We empower you to express your unique, vibrant style and embrace your individuality.