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Malcolm Garret

The Billiard Monogram Bucket Hat

The Billiard Monogram Bucket Hat

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The Billiard Bucket Style refers to a specific type of hat that combines the design elements of a bucket hat with a billiard theme. It is typically made of 12oz cotton, which is a medium-weight fabric suitable for summer wear.

The unique aspect of the Billiard Bucket Style hat lies in its design. It features a wide brim that extends all the way around the crown, providing ample shade and protection from the sun. The brim is usually sewn in a downward position, creating a relaxed and casual look.

What sets this hat apart is the billiard theme incorporated into its design. It may have various billiard-related elements such as pool ball prints, and colors. These details make the hat visually distinctive and appealing to billiards enthusiasts or anyone looking for a fun and quirky accessory.

The 12oz cotton fabric used in the construction of the hat makes it suitable for summer wear. Cotton is breathable and lightweight, allowing air to circulate and keeping your head cool during hot weather. The 10oz weight indicates the thickness of the fabric, with 12oz being a medium weight that strikes a balance between durability and comfort.\




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Great packaging and phenomenal hat

dale ruff
Post hip hop creativity

Malcolm's creativity knows no bounds in designing functional works of art!